Pyrovates means firewalkers in Greek. In “Pyrovates” Michalis Michaleris combines contemporary and traditional music, introducing a balanced blend of sound.

Several traditional music instruments are featured in “Pyrovates” (oud, saz, mandolin, jumbus, baglama, ruan, Greek flute, dauli, toubeleki, bendir, zilies), together with guitars, synths, loops and electronic percussions.

The poems and lyrics are written by Giannis Kougioulis, Vasilis Vagenas and Anacreon, a lyric poet who lived in 5th century BC (translated into modern Greek by Kostas Martinides).

Maria Katelanaki, Margarita Ginosati and Gioula Silleli sing in “Pyrovates”

3 Covers of Greek traditional songs are also included. One of these, “Mikrokostandinos”is played during the Firewalking, a custom that takes place in North Greece since the old times.

The CD “Pyrovates” is distributed by “Melodiko Karavi” music productions: Phone: +30210 322 63 43